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How this South Korean company created coronavirus test kits in three weeks

March 11, 2020
Before there were any cases of novel coronavirus confirmed in South Korea, one of the country’s biotech firms had begun preparing to make testing kits to identify the disease.

Republicans Want Medicare for All, but Just for This One Disease

March 10, 2020
All it took was a pandemic of potentially unprecedented scale and severity and suddenly it’s like we’re turning into Denmark over here. In the last few days, a parade of American companies that had long resisted providing humane and necessary benefits to their workers abruptly changed their minds, announcing plans to pay and protect even their lowest-rung […]

Citizen Initiative Restrictions Push Forward in the Florida House – Video

March 6, 2020
The Florida House is pushing ahead with a bill that would make it harder to amend the constitution through the citizen initiative process. Grassroots organizations fear the bill would spell the end for constitutional amendments pushed by anyone but millionaires and billionaires.